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Dev IT Solutions is set to invent the next massive artifact in the field of Education.

A Worksheet Generation Engine to conquer all your teaching challenges in one smart move. Get ready to experience the new heights of educational excellence with this futuristic online/offline solution.

With a unique concept of evaluating worksheets in the app itself, Print Worksheet will bring about a revolution for parents in measuring the growth of their kids in real time.

Print Worksheet is an ultimate answer to the basic question of how to use technology to impart highest level of education on various platforms. “The new benchmark in teaching through mobile devices and tablets is here

  • PrintWorksheet for iOS is based on latest iOS Design Philosophy for iPad and iPad Mini
  • PrintWorksheet for Android is based on ubiquitous presence of Android on almost every other tablet out there.
  • PrintWorksheet for Windows is based on most modern Mobile User Interfaces and User Experiences.
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Grades – Admin
Enticing Latest Flat UI that provides Grades with Worksheet count for each user, created by the Admin, individually.

One user can be assigned or linked to only one grade at a time.

User and the assigned grade can be used for assigning worksheets to the user.

Grade With Modules
Modules are displayed in a split screen for the selected Grade. View available worksheets for a module by tapping on checkbox next to it.

By default the App displays all the worksheets for the selected grade.

  • Select module to view available worksheets for the module.
  • Select worksheet to use Tablet or Print Mode of the app.
  • Select Grade to view modules in a split screen.
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Worksheet view is provided with Print, Assign To, Save & Theme options.

Print, Assign & Save
Print Worksheet allows you to Print Worksheets offering ultimate offline solutions.

Option to re-generate and create alternative worksheets under the same module is a boon for parents thriving for brilliance. Ability to assign Worksheets to selected or all Users is a magic wand for teachers, parents and educational institutions.

With a Unique ID/QR Code allocated to each Worksheet, helps save future assignments for Users to evaluate or print. Theme customization options make the App special for each user.

  • Worksheet Name and Description
  • Unique QR Code for Each worksheet is display on top-right
  • Print Confirmation Popup with a PDF Filename
  • Worksheet options like Print, Assign To, Save & Theme
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Tablet Mode
In user mode worksheets assigned by Admin are displayed on the Worksheet screen. Worksheets are classified into 3 categories making it easy to navigate. Completed (Green), Upcoming (Orange) and Incomplete (Grey)

The Bull’s Eye view helps you measure your kid’s progress with Live & Interactive Charts. Provides latest status updates for both Tablet and Print Mode.

Get Macro and Micro Level Statistical Reports like never before. Module wise Reports helps you monitor the growth of your children and students in a single glance.

  • Unique QR Code for Each worksheet is display on top-right
  • Worksheet options like Print, Assign To, Save & Theme
  • Print Confirmation Popup with a PDF Filename.
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Print Mode
Print mode worksheets can be saved as PDF or Print Outs can be taken using WiFi or LAN printers and hand them over to users.

User can fill up the printed worksheets based on the instructions given by the Admin. Admin User can just select User to get analytics for each User independently.

Parents & Teachers can just select answers entered by the children or students & the App does the Evaluation for them automatically. Users can select or scan QR Code to get Evaluation for each Worksheet individually

  • Admin selects Unique Worksheet Code or Scan QR Code to load solution of the printed worksheet
  • Solution of the printed worksheet is displayed with Green circle. Admin has to tap on empty circle if Same choice is made by user(s).
  • Tap save button at the end to save evaluation for further Analysis.
  • Custom Evaluation Report is displayed with Grade and % Achieved in the evaluated worksheet.
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Print Worksheet provides Filter options User wise, Grade wise & Tablet/Print Module wise to provided precise analysis Bar Chart displays Completion ratio on the Y Axis(Vertical) and Daily, Monthly or Yearly ratio on X Axis(Horizontal). Navigation options like Daily, Monthly or Yearly provide specific & detailed analysis charts.

  • Filter Options for Analysis
  • Bar chart has 3 types of color coded bars depicted with Need Improvement, Pass and Excellent statuses.
  • Navigation Options for more specific analysis
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Dashboard – Student
Live & Interactive Charts are part of the Student Dashboard. Student can get Latest Status Updates for both Tablet and Print Mode. Student can monitor Module wise Reports with Color Coded Status for Worksheets (Green – Completed, Orange – Pending)

Dashboard – Admin
Admin can view and monitor app usage statistics of all or selected users. User specific reports and charts can be generated easily. Dashboard is bull’s eye view for app usage statistics and performance evaluation for all or selected users.

  • Listview mode of calendar displays no. of worksheets completed, upcoming and incomplete
  • Navigation Options for Easy Browsing of Worksheets
  • Dashboard – Admin Admin can select user to view user specific Dashboard
  • Pie Chart - Worksheet Usage Report
  • Bar Charts – Worksheet Evaluation Report for both Tablet and Print Mode
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